SEPTEMBER-2003   4100'+/-  9761'    6hrs+/-   Moderate-Solo
It was mostly zero visibility for the last 1500' to the summit.  I could never see the mountain,
but had an idea where to go and it was fairly straight forward.  

Bike in from Spray Lakes West Campground.  After 30 to 40 minutes, you will find a cairn on
the right in an "S" portion of the road.  This trail follows the south drainage of Nestor through
a beautiful stand of Poplars and Aspens.   Proceed on the narrow trail up to a fork and
remain left.  You will lose the trail here into rocks, but keep to the center of the trough.  At
about 8000' you need to ascend the left hand ridge.  This is a basic hump on decent snow or
rock to a point marked by 2 large rocks.  Then traverse south along the ridgeline until you
reach a 30 meter dip.  This is the crux that makes this climb at least moderate.  The true
summit is at the opposite side of this dip.  I was climbing in fresh snow, but found the
exposure and holds accepting to the risk.  I returned the same way since visibility was poor to
say the least.

This appears to be solid bear country, a tremendous amount of berries and scat.  I did not
see a person all day, but then the weather was marginal.  This is a beautiful area in the fall.
Crux- Once in a while a gust would come in
and I could see.  This dip is about 30 meters
down and then back up to the true summit.  
Nothing to technical, but the weather can make
it challenging.  (Double Click)
      Summit-Yeah, it is cold!                 Coming down out of the storm!          Clearing up, good view to SE (double click)